The Story of King Indradyumna


The story of Gajendra Moksha, where Vishnu saved Gajendra, the King of elephants, from the clutches of a crocodile is well known. Gajendra, in his previous birth lived on the earth as King Indradyumna. The King was born in the lineage of Svayambuva Manu, and ruled the Pandya country.

(The above is not narrated in the Mahabharata, but in Bhagavatam, Canto 8).

King Indradyumna, due to his good deeds, secured a place in the heavens after his life on earth.

* * *

A time came when the King’s merits were exhausted, because of which he fell down from heaven.

The King then approached Markandeya, a Chiranjeevi (immortal) living on earth and asked, “O! I have fallen from heaven as I exhausted all my merits. Do you know who I am?”. Markandeya replied, “No, I do not know you”.

Indradyumna asked, “Do you know anyone who has lived…

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