China’s ‘White Lies’ on Tibet


By Tejaswi Ravinder

M_Id_272517_Tibetans_protesting_against_Chinese_rule From The Indian Express

New Delhi, October 28China’s white paper doesn’t portray the reality in Tibet. The document is an attempt by the Asian giant to put itself in the good books of other nations.

The white paper titled, “Development and Progress of Tibet,” with six chapters covering the past six decades focuses on areas including economy, people’s livelihoods, political systems, cultural preservation, religious freedom and environmental protection.

It begins by digging into the history, describing the region prior to 1950, “as dark and backward as medieval Europe,” and blames Tibet’s poverty and economic stagnation on ‘feudal serfdom’. The report hence distorted the historical facts of the traditionally rich Tibet, whose unique civilization and culture are widely spread beyond the borders of Himalayas to Nepal, India, Bhutan and Myanmar.

On the region’s current situation, it says, “Today’s Tibet is developing economically, making progress politically, has…

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