Deconstructing Modi Part 4

Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind

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In my last post on this topic, admittedly many eons ago, I had finished with a reference to Congress as Modi’s biggest polling agent.

Much of Modi’s support outside the BJP’s core base, I would suppose all but the most committed of Modi fanboys would accept this, stems from the performance (and lack of it) of the Congress-UPA government. Only those who have been given a Padmabhushan by this government or hope to be given one in the future would defend its inglorious legacy of slush and paralysis and so I would presume there is no need to put the history of the UPA under the scanner here. The UPA has been Rohit Sharma in New Zealand and most of us can agree with that.

The problem with the Congress is so basic, so deep is the cancer bonded with its DNA, that there is…

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“This solves everything: It is either all unreal or it is all Real. If it is unreal, you can easily renounce it; you cannot own something that is unreal. If it is all Real, then that is what you are and there is nothing to renounce.”
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