Gravity Cinematographer’s Amazing Instagram


The Gravity cinematographer is just as gifted with still images as he is with moving ones.


Emmanuel Lubezki’s behind-the-scenes movie shots are just the beginning of what makes his still photography so remarkable.

Do we live on the same planet? One must certainly entertain that thought when confronted with the latest work of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, whose otherworldly collaborations with directors like Terrence Malick and Alfonso Cuarón have yielded six Oscar nominations for Best Cinematography—including his most recent, for Gravity. Having conquered IMAX, he’s on to Instagram. In a recent interview in the New York Times Sunday Review, fellow cinematographer (and Oscar nominee, for Nebraska) Phedon Papamichael mentioned in passing Lubezki’s Instagram feed, which turns out to be one of the most intimately curated and visually arresting galleries currently in circulation on the social network—a collection of unidentified images by the greatest cinematographer in the…

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