New Videos: “What Happens To Dolphins In Taiji? Honoring The Victims Of Slaughter and Captivity”


Yesterday, the infamous dolphin abduction and killing season began in Taiji, Japan, and with it, season 4 of Operation Infinite Patience. The following videos were created in honor of Japan Dolphins Day 2013 and tell the story of the victims of Taiji’s brutal Oikomi Drives.

Through the lens of Activists on-scene in Taiji, we follow the killers out to sea and witness the terror of the drives — and ultimately, the macabre, Auschwitz-like selection process which takes place in the cove. Trainers from nearby Taiji Whale Museum, Dolphin Base and Dolphin Resort are called in to examine the dolphins and mark the young, “pretty” (scar-free, ‘show-quality’) dolphins for enslavement in captivity. The rest are condemned to suffer a long, slow, gruesome death on the kill shore. Afterward, the video takes us to the captive dolphin pens, and we see how the captives are housed and trained. The mini-documentary closes with…

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