Re-discovering Indian Psychology – Maria Wirth

Bharata Bharati

Maria Wirth“Western psychology tries hard to be an objective ‘science’ and relies mainly on observation that lies outside and not on experience that is inside, thus missing what is truly relevant for a human being. It chooses to ignore consciousness or rather it has no idea that consciousness is the basis and beyond the mind. … Western psychology is still groping in the dark over the most important questions of humanity and prefers not to pose these questions. There is a huge body of psychological research, but most of it is either irrelevant or obvious.” – Maria Wirth

Sri AurobindoWhen two German magazines, Yoga Aktuell and Advaita Journal, expressed interest in a report on a conference on Indian psychology, I was convinced of the demand for the subject in the West. Off I went to Pondicherry, a union territory in southern India, to attend the conference on ‘ Yoga and…

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“This solves everything: It is either all unreal or it is all Real. If it is unreal, you can easily renounce it; you cannot own something that is unreal. If it is all Real, then that is what you are and there is nothing to renounce.”
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